Vital Markets is with you every step of the way to help you get started.

Sign up to Vital Markets by accessing this link.

Set up your 2FA via SMS or Authenticator App.

Verify your Vital Markets Account.

Funding your Vital Markets' Account.

Creating a Live Trading Account of your choice.

Transferring the funds from your Broker's Account to your Live Trading Account.  

Depending on what type of Live Account you have created:
> Access the TradeLocker directly from your Vital Markets account or,

> Download your MT4 or MT5 and access your Live Account on the preferred platform.

The attached guides relate to Windows, however, guides for other devices may also be found.

Vital Markets - What are the differences between TradeLocker & MetaTrader

Vital Markets - MetaTrader to TradeLocker Migration

Vital Markets - Accessing the TradeLocker