To verify your Vital Market's account, you would need to submit a valid ID document and a live selfie of yourself. 

Let's go through the process:

> Tap on the KYC tab by clicking the three horizontal lines in the top-right of your account.

> Tap on Submit Your KYC

> You will be prompted to select your country from the drop down list.


> Now, you will also need to select the country that issued your document and your ID type that you will be providing and tap on next.

> You will be given examples of the criteria that we would need for the document to be accepted.

> You will need to provide the front and back of the document unless it's a passport.

> If you wish, you have the option to continue the process with your phone.

> If you are continuing the process with your mobile phone device, you can either copy the link from your internet browser, alternatively, scan the QR Code with your phone. 

> Now, you will need to take a live selfie.

>If requested, you will need to give access to the camera setting of your browser by choosing allow, so you can continue with the process.

>You will need to tap I'm Ready to take the photo.  

>If you are satisfied with the documents that you provided, tap on next.

Our verification Team will have a look at the documents submitted. An e-mail would be sent with the conclusion regarding your documents.