With Vital Markets, we offer our services both on MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5. For this demonstration, we will be using MetaTrader4.

Let's go through the process:

> Access our main website by clicking here.

> Hover your mouse on top of the Platforms tab and click Trading Platform MT4.

> Scroll slightly down the page and click on the Windows option.

> You can also access the direct link by clicking here.

> Your application will start downloading on your browser automatically. When the download is finished, you can go ahead and install the software. 

> Read the Terms & Conditions.

> Click Next

> After the software is installed and the software is up and running, you would need to choose the server.

> If you want to connect to the Live Server, select: VitalMarkets-Live.

> To connect to the Demo Server, select: VitalMarkets-Demo.

> Click Next.

> Make sure that the Existing trade account is selected.

> Enter your credentials.

> Click Finish.

> To make sure that you are connected to your MetaTrader account, you should see your account details on the left-hand side of the platform.