• In order to be able to log in to your MetaTrader account, you would first need to create a Live Trading Account from your Vital Markets account. If you need assistance on how to do that, click/tap here

Let's go through the process: 

> First, you would need to find and install the MetaTrader app from your phone. 

> For a direct link to the play store to download the MT4, Click here.

> You will need to tap Install and open the software when done. 

> To access your Vital Markets account, you would need to tap the 3 white horizontal lines.

> Tap Manage accounts

> Tap the + sign located on the top right-hand side of your screen. 

> Select Login to an existing account. 

> You would need to type Vital Markets in the box available and select one of the below servers.
> Live Account - VitalMarkets-Live.
>Demo Account - VitalMarkets-Demo.

> Enter your login credentials in the space provided.
> Tap Sign In when done.

> If you have inserted the correct credentials, your account section will look like below.