Verifying your phone number is an important step to activating your 2 Factor Authentication.

When you are entering your phone number, you need to ensure that you are using the international format, for example, 1587647384.      

You are not required to add the + (plus) symbol or 00 when you are entering your number.

Let's go through the process: 

> Tap on the Settings tab from the side navigation bar on your account.

> Select Phone Number, insert your phone number in the field, and tap Verify

> You will receive a 6-digit code to the phone with the corresponding number.

> Enter the code in the required field.

> If you did not receive the code, click on I didn't receive the code.

Your phone number is now verified!

You are now able to activate your 2FA:

Authenticator App - Click Here
SMS - Click Here