• Every Bitcoin address generated is for one-time use only. Do not use the address for multiple deposits, always make a new deposit request when depositing. 
  • Bitcoin deposits need 3-6 confirmations to be processed, which may take up to 1-3 hours for your deposit to be completed.
  • We do not accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Let's go through the process:

> Select the Funding tab from your Dashboard and tap Add Funds

> Choose Bitcoin as the Deposit Type.

> Select the Wallet.

> Insert your desired deposit Amount.

> Tap Deposit.

> A Bitcoin address will be generated for you.

> You will need to scan the QR Code on your wallet provider's account or copy the address to your BTC Wallet Provider to send the funds.

> If you have copied the Bitcoin address, you will need to provide this to your wallet provider, typically on the Send or Withdraw tab, depending on your provider.

> If you have scanned the QR code on your wallet provider's account, the funds should automatically be sent.

> You are able to identify if the funds have been sent correctly by checking the status of your deposit from the Funding tab. If the status appears as WAITING_CONFIRMATION, this means that the funds are processing on the Blockchain network.