• You need to close any open trades before making a withdrawal.
  • You need to transfer your funds from your MetaTrader to your Vital Markets account. 
  • Request for a Withdrawal. 
  • Always enter the exact Bitcoin (BTC) address of your Bitcoin (BTC) wallet.  
  • We target to process withdrawals within 1 business day. Once processed, funds will be credited to your Bitcoin Wallet within 1-3 hours depending on the Blockchain traffic. 

Let's go through the process:

> Open your MetaTrader application.

> Click the Trade tab.

Right-Click on your trade that needs to be closed. 

> Click Close Order

> In the center of your Vital Markets account dashboard, you will see a Transfer Money option. 

> Select the Transfer Type MetaTrader to Wallet.

> Select your MetaTrader Account number you would like to transfer the funds from. 

> Choose the Wallet you would like to transfer the funds to. 

> Enter the Amount you would like to transfer. 

> Tap Transfer

> Now your funds are in your Vital Markets' Wallet and available for withdrawal.

 > Tap the 3 horizontal lines on the top right of your screen. 

> Select Withdrawals and tap New Withdraw. 

> Choose the Withdraw Type as Bitcoin

> Select the Wallet you want to withdraw your funds from.

> Insert the Amount you would like to withdraw. 

> Tap Request.

> Confirm all your details by tapping Withdraw

> You will be prompted to input your BTC Address of your Bitcoin Wallet Provider.