• Leverage options are not "fixed" and due to the unpredictable events in the market, these may be subject to change.
> Stocks: 1:20
    > Cryptos: 1:100
  > Metals: 1:200
   > Indices: 1:200 
    > Energies: 1:200
          > Forex:  1:50 - 1:500

  • On the 20th August 9PM server time, the leverage for CHF (Swiss Frank) pairs will be dropped to 1:50 from 1:500 pending further notice. This is due to changes with regard to margin requirements made by our Liquidity provider. Click here for more information.

  • On the 21st of December, Vital Markets have changed the leverage for the Turkish Lira pairs to 1:50, seeing as the increase of volatility in the market is present.

  • The leverage of the crypto pair SHBUSA1000 is 1:30