• To calculate your Margin Requirements, you would need the number of Lots, Prices, and Contract Sizewhich can be obtained from your MetaTrader and the Leverage
  • The equation to calculate your margin is the following: Lots x ( Price x Contract Size ) ÷ Leverage.

Let's go through the process:

> You would need to consider the number of Lots you are going to trade.

> You would need to obtain the Price of your Instrument from your Live Trading Account. 

> To locate your Contract Size, kindly check the guide by clicking/tapping here.

> After acquiring the above information, you would just need the leverage of your account and you are able to calculate your margin requirement. 

> Let's say that your account's leverage is set as 500. 

> The equation would be 1  x ( 0.90265  x 100,000  ) ÷ 500 = $180.53

> So the margin requirement for Instrument USDCHF with the above details would be: $180.53