Vital Markets is passionate about your progress and protection, which is why our online security experts have developed the following crucial guidelines for you to follow:

Keep it secret!

Never give out your password to someone else. At Vital Markets, we will never ask for your password over the telephone or through any other means of interaction. We ask for personal information only in time of identification purposes where it is necessary and solely through our official domain. 

Keep up with emerging internet security news!

As digital currencies become more commonplace, new forms of online fraud have emerged. It is critical to stay up to date on any security and fraud-related news.

Take precautionary measures!

Install security software to check your devices on a regular basis for possibly dangerous apps.

Lock the doors!

Do not click on any strange web advertisements that appear in your browser. Set your browser to block advertisements or use it in private mode.

Keep it simple!

Excessive browser extension installation should be avoided. Download them only from credible sources and only if you truly require them. Inspect your extension settings routinely and remove anything you no longer use from your devices.

Check the website's security!

Some websites are not easy to determine whether they are fraudulent or not. One simple yet effective trick is checking if a padlock icon is in the URL bar. If so, this means that the website you are browsing is secure. This is also confirmed by clicking on it.

If the website is fraudulent, instead you will see something like the below. If that appears on any website, make sure to exit immediately.

If you have any more questions or would want to share your experience with our team, please do not hesitate to contact us.