To activate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) directly on your mobile device, you will need to choose and download an Authenticator App to set up the access with. 

For this demonstration, we are using "Google Authenticator".

  • Some examples of Authenticator Apps are: Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator. 

Let's go through the process:

>Login to your Vital Markets account and navigate to your Settings. Tap Security.

> Tap Enable 2FA via App.

>You will need to link your Vital Markets account to your Authenticator App installed on your mobile device. Tap the Link button.

  There are two ways to proceed now:

1. You will be presented with the unique code to paste into your Authenticator App.


2. You will be asked to scan the QR code provided with your application installed on the other mobile device or tablet. 



>If you have chosen the first option, open your Authenticator App and tap on the Enter a setup key.


>Paste the long code copied and create a name for the account, for example, Vital Markets, tap on the Add button.

>Copy the 6-digit code generated by the App.

>Go back to your Vital Markets account and tap on the Link button.

>Paste the 6-digit code and tap Submit.

Your 2FA is now enabled via the Authenticator App. You will be requested to provide the 6 digit-code from your App upon logging in to your account.