PAMM Investor -  PAMM Investor is an individual or entity that entrusts the management of their investments to a professional portfolio manager or PAMM Money Manager.

How can I create a PAMM Investor account?

> The process is similar to creating a Live or Demo MetaTrader account. You will need to go to the Accounts tab, select PAMM Investor as the account type, and choose a currency for your account. Please bear in mind that this account may only be created once.

Vital Markets - How to create a PAMM Investor account?

Which credentials should I use?

> If you are asked to insert credentials, you may find them in your emails after creating your Investor account. Always use the Trader password rather than the Investor password.

How can I start investing?

> First, you would need to transfer your deposit to your PAMM Investor account,  click here to continue.

> Next, access the Investor account by clicking on the widget, followed by clicking on the Register an Investor Account button.

> This will lead you to a list of the available Funds created by individual Money Managers. To join one, simply click on the Join button.

> View the Offer set within the Fund carefully, if you would like to invest enter your Investor account ID and trader password. A request will then be sent to the Money Manager to accept within 24 hours.

> PAMM Investor can invest in as many funds as they would like.

How can I deposit funds or withdraw profit from a Fund?

> To add or remove funds from a Fund account, simply enter the Fund in question and click on either the Deposit or Withdraw option, and enter your amount as desired. Remember that requests may take up to 24 hours to be approved.

How can I leave a Fund?

> You are able to leave a Fund at any time. Access the Fund and click on the three dots. Select the Close Account option. This will remove your share from the Fund and transfer them to your Investor account.


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