PAMM Money Manager

> Money Managers are now unable to reject any deposits or withdrawals from their accounts; however, the PAMM System may one day include this feature.

> There can be only one PAMM Money Manager account registered, but Money Manager is totally free to create an unlimited number of PAMM Funds. 

> Money Manager accounts let customers manage investments but do not function as trading accounts. A PAMM Fund must be established before trading or receiving payment is permitted. 

> In order to be able to trade, Money Manager should use PAMM Fund's account login credentials (Account ID and Trader Password) for MetaTrader, and VitalMarket-Live as a server.

> PAMM Money Manager's currency will be USD only.

> PAMM Money Manager is able to create a PAMM Investor account and invest in their own PAMM Fund.


> PAMM Fund could be created in any of the following currencies:


> PAMM Fund account's login credentials will be used by PAMM Manager to trade (Account ID and Trader Password). They are sent via email upon PAMM Fund Account creation. 

Default Offer:

> After a Fund Account is opened, the system immediately generates a "Default Offer".

This Offer is null and void, and there are no fixed expenses. PAMM Investors will still be able to engage in this offer if nothing is changed. It is your responsibility as a Money Manager to immediately alter or create a new Default Offer.

>Please be aware that once an investor joins an offer, there is no ability to change the offer for that investor; however, a Money Manager can change the offer for investors that join in the future.

>You have the following choices if an investor has joined your Default Offer:

  • Set the Offer to Private to prevent further Investors from participating (This will not remove the Investor which has joined).

  • Create a brand-new PAMM Fund with a new offer.

Setting an Offer:

Money Managers can generate offers with various fees in order to get paid even when they do not profit from trades made on their PAMM Fund.

The fees involved in an offer are as follows:

  • Performance Fee: A fee for the Money Manager's knowledge and trading experience.

  • Management Fee: A fee for the handling and management of the funds.

  • Deposit Fee:  A fee for every deposit made into the fund.

Click/tap here for more information on how to set up an Offer.

The Money Manager has the option of applying all of the aforementioned fees or just a few of them.


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