> Enabling your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), completing KYC verification, and making a deposit into your Vital Markets account are necessary steps before you may open a PAMM Money Manager account:

Vital Markets - How to enable 2FA?

Vital Markets - How to KYC verify the Vital Markets account?

Vital Markets - How to deposit funds into the Vital Markets account?

> PAMM Money Manager's currency will be USD only.

> After completing the aforementioned procedures, you can create a PAMM Money Manager account by following these steps:

  • Click the Accounts tab.
  • Click on the New Account button.
  • Select a Metatrader PAMM Manager account type.

  • Take a look at our T&C.
  • Click Create Account.

> Creating a PAMM Fund is the next step:

  • Tap the Plus symbol next to your PAMM Manager account.

  • Give your PAMM Fund a Name.
  • Currency and leverage should be defined. (PAMM Fund could be created in any of the following currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, BTC).
  • To engage in PAMM Investors, include a Description.
  • Tap the Create Investment Fund button.